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Keeping Seniors Neat and On Their Feet

Serving San Francisco since 2008. Opening in Palm Springs in June. We provide mobile in home hygienic non cosmetic foot care / toe nail care and foot massage for home bound adults residing in their Home, Assisted Living or Memory Care Center, Rehab Center, Hospital or Hospice

At Lotus Foot Care At Home We’re There For You

We’re proud to serve the LGBTQ Comunity.

As the founder of Lotus Foot Care at Home, I have witnessed many foot conditons. Don't be embarressed. Many issues can be improved with regular hygienic foot care and toe nail trimming. 

We bring more than 20 years of nursing experience and 3 decades of meditation and yoga practice to serve with a calmness that is noticed by clients and their families.

Mobile Hygienic Foot Care

Skilled care by a nurse

Lotus Foot Care At Home provides mobile foot washing, scrubs, toe nail trimming and filing from a nurse trained in routine foot care by a Podiatrist.  Our services are designed to meet the needs of Seniors and home bound adults. We visit clients in the privacy of their own home, hospital room, hospice, residential care facility or local neighborhood center. 

What Our Customers Say

Lotus Foot Care At Home is in the Top 4 Best Personal Care Service providers in San Francisco of 2017 by Yelp

Jeanne is knowledgeable with a calm and reassuring demeanor... I have referred my own patients to Jeanne at Lotus Foot Care with complete confidence that they have all received excellent care from a highly qualified professional.

Julia Hallisy

Jeanne brings mindful massage and soulful toenail taming to the unhappiest feet. No small feat in that! ,And accompanies her ministrations with a warm and attentive presence and personality. 

Nancy Iverson

As a physician practicing in SF, I highly recommend Jeanne's services.  My medical team was amazed by her professionalism, promptness, reasonable pricing and lovely attitude. Call Her now!

Marcia G. MD

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