Lotus Foot Care Provides Mobile Senior Foot Care and Hygienic Non-Cosmetic Medical Pedicures. Call Jeanne Jennings RN (415)637-1401

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I reserve the right to refuse services to anyone. Under federal anti-discrimination laws, businesses can refuse service to any person for any reason.

Client Appointments are Now OPEN for late May, June,July and August 2022.
Please fill out the contact form with complete information, Full Name, address, city, state, zip code including email and phone number.I am usually able to return your call or email within two hours. Leaving a voice mail? Please include your First and Last name, and phone number (Twice) in the message.

Are you interested in becoming a CFCN? Certified Foot Care Nurse?

This is an area of high need in the field of nursing.

For more information on training and certification you can contact:

Dr. Julia Overstreet DPM,

1595 NW Gilman Blvd #8,

Issaquah, WA 98027.
Phone: (425)502-7710


American Foot Care Nurses Association

4 - 168th Ave NE    Bellevue, WA 98008-4538


What makes Lotus Foot Care different?
Lotus Foot Care is not a salon. 100% Mobile, hygienic, non-cosmetic foot and toenail care in-home, or facility. You can look forward to prompt, focused, meticulous service from Jeanne Jennings, RN CFCS. Whether for you or, your loved one, quality hygienic, foot care is just one call or click away. (415) 637-1401

Jeanne Jennings DBA Lotus Foot Care: Medical Pedicures and Senior Foot Care.

In-home care by LFC is similar to what you may have experienced with a nurse in a Podiatry office.

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    At Home:

    Enjoy personalized foot and toenail care service in the privacy of your home. Every visit is performed with medical grade implements, which are cold sanitized for your safety. Sanding bands, foot files are one use only. Basins are used with a recyclable plastic liner and cleaned with hospital-grade sanitizing liquid after each use.

    Services include:

    • Non-invasive routine foot care
    • Cleaning of build-up cuticles
    • Reduction of corns and calluses
    • Removal of ingrown nail spicules
    • Diabetic Foot Assessment -- foot hygiene instruction, observation of general foot health, and recommendations.

    Services at Lotus Foot Care end with a gentle foot massage with your own lotion. Foot massage is known to improve circulation, which in turn, reduces anxiety and promotes well-being.

    Clients absolutely love it! Check out our 5 Star reviews on Google and Yelp.

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    Medical Pedicures/ Senior Foot and Toe Nail Care

    This procedure begins with a short feet assessment -- pedal pulses, sensation, circulation, skin health check, etc.

    Service includes:

    • Toenail cleaning
    • Trimming
    • Removal of nail spicules
    • Cleaning of cuticles
    • Mycotic toenail thinning with Dremel/e-file
    • Sanding for callous reduction
    • General foot cleaning
    • Foot massage

    All services are mobile, so whether at home, in the hospital, or even in a hospice, I can provide the professional care that your feet need and deserve.

    Client location, distance traveled to visit, travel time, visit length will determine final cost.

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    48-hour notice of cancelation policy as of August 2021

    Please note that all appointments are considered confirmed at the time of booking. There will be a $100 fee charged for late, canceled, or no-show appointments.

    Due to the nature of our services, there is a limited amount of appointments per day. Appointments typically last 45-90 minutes.

    For us, a missed or late canceled appointment constitutes a complete financial loss. Profit margins are slim in this practice, so we need to make the best of all confirmed appointments.

    If you need to reschedule your appointment, please get in touch within 48 hours, by phone or email at JeanneJennnings108@gmail.com.

    No insurance accepted. No credit or Debit Cards. Cash or Check accepted at time of visit.

    Fees/invoices are due on the date of service.

What clients have to say about Lotus Foot Care
Lotus Foot Care At Home is The Best Personal Care Service provider for mobile senior foot care in San Francisco 2022 by Yelp.


Jeanne is knowledgeable with a calm and reassuring demeanor... I have referred my own patients to Jeanne at Lotus Foot Care with complete confidence that they have all received excellent care from a highly qualified professional.

Julia Hallisy DDS

Jeanne brings mindful massage and soulful toenail taming to the unhappiest feet. No small feat in that! And accompanies her ministrations with a warm and attentive presence and personality. 

Nancy Iverson

As a physician practicing in SF, I highly recommend Jeanne's services. My medical team was amazed by her professionalism, promptness, reasonable pricing and lovely attitude. Call Her now!

Marcia G. MD
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