Celebrating 13 Years! May 9th, 2022
Lotus Foot Care was an idea born of necessity. My own mom's toenails and fingernails had developed a fungal infection due to her medications. Not all fungal infections are due to visiting a nail salon or lockeroom. Sometimes a medication can make a body more suseptible to fungal infections. Mom's once beautiful nails were deteriorating ... Yellowed, cracked and spongy. No longer the beautiful nails she once had. I sought guidance from Podiatrists in SF.

How I became a foot care nurse- Jeanne Jennings. First, my family and I took Mom to a Podiatrist. It was so hard on her in her wheelchair, while using oxygen. The doctor cut the nails but did not file them smooth. We learned nothing could be done in her case as she needed to continue with her steroids for arthritis and breathing issues. So, we as a family took care of her foot care needs.
As an RN, I saw clients with unhealthy feet and toenails. I contacted Podiatrists in SF to learn more.
I contacted Podiatrist Jenny Sanders DPM in SF, studied with her and Podiatrist Eric Small DPM.
WISE, a non profit helped me develop a business plan. I listened and learned from NP's, MD's, pharmacists, MSW, serving seniors in San Francisco. I became a CFCS through The American Foot Care Nurse Association (afcna.org) in 2018.
*Mother's Day 2009 Lotusfootcare.com opened in SF, and *Aug 2018 in Palm Springs in honor of my parents.

  • Seniors Foot Care: Common problems and Care Issues
    October 16, 2021 at 7:29 PM

    To take care of your feet is to also encourage good blood circulation. If you usually spend a considerable portion of the day in a chair, you can boost your circulation by exercising, stretching, and walking for 30 minutes-even in the house with a walker.

    Avoid sitting too long with your legs crossed or wearing tight socks. And here’s yet another reason to refrain from tobacco use: Smoking narrows the arteries and can hinder blood flow.

    Avoid problems such as foot odor by washing your feet every day and drying them carefully (drying between your toes can also prevent other problems such as athletes foot), If showering is not possible, wiping the feet with a antibacterial wipe before retiring to bed at night, focusing on "flossing" the wipe in between the toes and wearing clean socks daily, and alternating what shoes you wear each day. If your at home- wear a sandal to allow the toes to allow air to circulate around the feet, while keeping a good arch support to prevent bunions, callouses and corns.

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