Simple Answers to Frequent Questions

Payment Information and FAQ

All visits are provided by a Medical Professional and therefore final fees are assessed at time of visit. Accepted form of payment is Cash or Personal Check made out to Jeanne Jennings.

A 48 hour minimum cancellation is required to avoid a 100% Cancellation fee. Call at anytime of day or night, email or leave a message regarding resceduling appointments. All Calls and emails will be answered promptly, usually within 2 hours or less.

  • Do you provide Manicures and Pedicures for parties or events.

    No, I do not provide any group Cosmetic Manicures or Pedicures.

    If the client wishes to have the nurse trim the fingernails -the session length will be 60 + minutes and set in advance. I can then cut and file the fingernails for an additional charge.

    I specialize in providing services to the homebound adult, hygienic foot assessments, Medical Pediures, routine Foot Care, hygiene, toe nail trimming, cleaning, callous reduction, foot massage and Reiki sessions.

  • Do you provide services to diabetic clients?


    I provide services to Diabetic Clients in their home or residence.

    If a client has any symptoms or signs of infection when assessed at first visit, we will refer to a podiatrist, and any treatments must be complete prior to starting any Medical Pedicure

  • Where can I find Accessible Hygienic Foot Care for Elders and Home Bound Adults?

    At Lotus Foot Care At Home in San Francisco, San Mateo and Palm Springs
    California and the surrounding desert cities.

  • What happens at a Home Visit?

    I will be seated at the clients feet, in a chair on the floor, so a clean well lit area is essential for every session.

    The feet are assessed for any areas of pressure, the pedal pulses assessed, the color, temperature overall visual inspection of the feet. The skin is assessed for any redness, pressure areas, nicks, cuts or wounds. The skin texture is observed for dryness, flaky skin, cracked heals and callous.

    Once the feet are assessed: foot hygiene may be addressed if that is an issue. Current Podiatric guidelines are to not soak the feet, but to clean them with a baby wipe or hygienic hand wipe.

    It is expected the client will have clean feet and a pair of clean socks .

    Toe nails trimmed, cleaned and filed smooth. Lastly, the feet are massaged with warm olive oil, or the clients favorite cream.

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